About The Camp

Calling all budding geologist, seismologist and engineers! A dangerous secret lies deep under the ground and it is up to you to discover what lies within the ring of fire.

Participants in our March holiday camp will be inducted as the newest members of the ultra-secretive Geological Anomalies Investigative Alliance (G.A.I.A) as they unravel the hidden forces that shape the world.

Time is of the essence as they look into how to protect the land around from what cannot be prevented by exploring the reasons why the pacific region is a hotbed for seismic activity, preparing Singapore for an unlikely eventuality.

Camp Details

  • 11 March – 15 March 2024 (Monday to Friday)

  • 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM

  • The Imaginarium @ HarbourFront Centre, Singapore

Camp Details

  • 11 March – 15 March 2024 (Monday to Friday)

  • 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM

  • The Imaginarium @ HarbourFront Centre, Singapore

Learning Objectives

  • Students will learn about the shaking motion of earthquakes and seismic waves.

  • Students will learn about the geological and geographical reasons behind regional earthquakes.

  • Students will learn about recording and interpreting seismographic data by analysing wave amplitudes.

  • Students will learn about key engineering concepts and principles employed in designing earthquake-resistant buildings.

  • Students will develop research skills and learn to communicate research in an effective manner.

  • Students will learn to storyboard.

  • Students will be introduced to filming and editing concepts.

Core Activities

Earthquake Shake Table

Students will build a mini shake table and explore how earthquakes affect structures through movement and tremors.

Earthquake Resistant Building

Students will use micro:bit to create a seismograph that will measure the magnitude of their shake table during testing.

Simulated Seismograph

Students will construct earthquake-resistant structures using various materials and test their durability in simulated tremors.

Information Website

Students will create a simple website using a site builder to share facts about earthquakes and safety tips.

Storyboarding and simple videography

Students will storyboard, film and use a simple video editor to create a safety or informational video about earthquakes.


The Imaginarium @ HarbourFront Centre – 1 Maritime Square HarbourFront Centre, Singapore 099253 #03-01

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