Robot Gladiators

September 2023 Student Holiday Camp – Robot Gladiators

Registration closes on 01 Sep 2023. Limited slots only!

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Robot Gladiators – Who will emerge victorious?

September Holiday camp

Join The Imaginarium’s “Robot Gladiators”, an action-packed September Holiday Camp perfect for young engineers and aspiring roboteers. Dive into an epic five-day journey of robotics, engineering and strategy.

Participants will be immersed in thrilling activities including Robo-Jousting and Robo-Siege where they will need to design, build, code and compete with their very own Robo-Gladiators.

Design and build your very own game as participants learn about graphical presentation, animation and coding principles.


Robo-Joust: Participants will design robots that will need to knock their opponent off a raised platform, while remaining on their own platform to achieve victory.

Robo-Lancing: Participants will design robots that seek supremacy along the narrow Lancer’s Path, experimenting with different ways to increase the stability of their robot will reducing their opponents’ stability.

Robo-Siege: A two-part activity, participants will engage in structural engineering as they seek to create the strongest fortifications possible to withstand the catapult barrage from opponents while also designing a catapult robot capable of delivering victory.

Game-design and development: Participants will work in building a treasure seeker game using a set of predefined parameters including multiple stages, obstacles and an array of different buffs and debuffs. Throughout the course of the camp, participants will work in using various tools, including graphical design and note taking programs, to aid them in creating their game.

Learning Objectives:

  • Engineering design: Participants will learn the fundamentals of the Engineering Design Process as they iterate their robots and fortifications, understanding the importance of planning, prototyping and optimisation during the entire process.
  • Robotics and coding: Participants will gain a foundational understanding of robotics and coding concepts through hands-on activities by programming their robots to execute specific actions, developing their logical and computational thinking abilities.
  • Strategic thinking and decision-making: Participants will engage in strategic planning during the designing and battle process that will require them to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of their robots.
  • Collaborating and sportsmanship: Participants will work in teams throughout the camp, fostering teamwork, communication and collaboration.
  • Participants will be able to discuss the building blocks of game design and development including a basic understanding of iteration, game mechanics, game objectives and user gameplay experience.
  • Participants will gain experience in basic graphical design and animations to be used in their games and also introduced to the concept of keyframes.
  • Participants will be introduced to core coding concepts and principles including logic, sequential thinking and using coding to implement game mechanics as well as learning debugging concepts.
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Or call: 97253117 to find out more Registration closes on 01 September 2023. Limited slots only!

Event Date:

04 Sep to 08 Sep 2023 (Mon – Fri: 9am – 5.30pm)

Holiday Camp Price (Inclusive of GST):

  • Standard: S$599
  • Existing TI student discount: 15% OFF
  • Early bird discount (Before 29 Aug 2023): : -$30

Recommended Age:

7 to 12




The Imaginarium @ HarbourFront Centre – 1 Maritime Square HarbourFront Centre, Singapore 099253 #03-01

Important notes:

Daily Bento lunch will be provided to the camp attendees. Camp attendees are encouraged to be masked up whenever possible

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the earliest time I can drop off my child, and the latest time that I should pick him/her up by?

A: The earliest time you can drop off your child is at 8:45am. The latest time you can pick up your child is at 6.30pm. We do however encourage that you have your child picked up as soon as their day ends at 5.30pm.

Q: My child has certain dietary restrictions, what should I do?

A: Please inform us about your child’s dietary restriction as soon as you sign up for the camp so that we are able to discuss with you on the possible alternatives.

Q: I am unable to commit to all the days of the camp, can I still register for the camp?

A: It is advisable that your child attends all 5 days of the camp in order for them to fulfil all the learning objectives and outcomes. If your child is only able to commit 3 days, you will still be able to register for the camp. Do note that there will not be a refund of the cost of the missing camp days. Should you have special arrangements that require clarifications, do feel free to speak to us about it.

Registration closes on 01 Sep 2023. Limited slots only!

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Or call: 97253117 to find out more